About Us

Advanced Imaging Society is a project that began a few years ago as a hobby to try to venture into the world of the Internet, as we really didn’t have many expectations.

But any thought that we had at the beginning of what we could achieve with this website, has been incredibly surpassed thanks to the people who are interested in what we went up and more.

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My name is Rowen Yu, I’m 26 years old and I’m from the United States. I’m a big fan of video games, technology, and many other things. That’s why I wanted to start something related to things that I like.

I started to venture into the world of video games many years ago, since the arrival of Super Mario Bros, and from there many companies haven’t only surprised me, also many people in the various games they have created that are great.

Every time we are surprised by various technological innovations in any aspect. Even in different areas such as health and many other things, this is very positive. And the empowerment of millennial today, especially with the great use of the internet and technology, are people who demand more and more diverse launches that surprise them.

And through this website, we will try to keep you updated on many things that happen in these areas especially.

We will be publishing diverse information regarding news, innovations, launches, brands, new video games and other articles more in reference to the empowerment, influence, and manipulation that it exercises in society today.

The idea is to provide the best and most accurate information and through their constant visits help the page to continue growing.

Our main idea is to continue in the world of the Internet and clarify any doubt, notify of various news and much more to anyone who has become a constant visitor or someone who simply knows about this page, and that the information is useful and good for everyone.