The best Kirby games

This little pink puffball’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the recent release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land (one of the best Kirby games ever made).
Isn’t he better known for his achievements in the video game industry?

Nintendo has had Kirby for a long time, though he hasn’t been around as long as Mario, Donkey Kong, or Link. Since the original NES, Kirby has had at least one new game on every Nintendo console.
There have been more than 30 games in which Kirby has appeared, many of which have been classics, so we’ve decided to pick the eight best.

Whether or not you’ve been following Nintendo since the N64 era, a Kirby game is waiting for you.
While there are several strong contenders in the series, these are among the most well-rounded examples, like the hungry pink protagonist.

These are the best Kirby titles:

  • From the Forgotten Lands of Kirby
  • Kirby’s Super Star/Ultra Super Star
  • Dreamland: Kirby’s Adventure/Nightmare
  • Dreamland of Kirby
  • 2nd Dreamland – Kirby
  • Allies of Kirby
  • The Crystal Shards of Kirby 64: Kirby 64
  • Nintendo created Super Smash Bros.


Unlike many of his contemporaries in the 1990s, Kirby did not make the transition to 3D until this year. Many fans believe that Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the best Kirby game yet, despite its new setting in a new dimension.

It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy this game, whether it’s the zany humor of the new Mouthful Mode or the intriguing use of post-apocalyptic human settings. Many of the series’ hallmark elements remain while others are given new life, making this feel more like a logical progression for Kirby rather than a radical shift. Much more could be said, but check out our review of Kirby and the Forgotten Land if you’re interested in learning more.


Kirby Super Star, better known in the UK as Kirby’s Fun Pak, could fill out this entire list on its own.
While the original Kirby’s Dreamland has been remade, it also includes several new Kirby ‘games’ that are just mini-games that tell the story of Kirby’s battles with Meta-Knight, Dynablade, and the sinister Marx.

The Great Cave Offensive was one of the most intriguing additions.
If you enjoy Metroidvania games, this is a game you’ll enjoy. You’ll be searching for treasures from various Nintendo games (such as Mr. Saturn and a DK Barrel) and the triforce in a big Metroidvania world.
For those who want to give it a whirl, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service provides access.
It’s also available for the Nintendo DS, but it’s extremely rare.

The Adventures of Kirby in Dreamland: A Nightmare

Meta-Knight made his first appearance in Kirby’s solo NES adventure (which was also enhanced for the Game Boy Advance remake), and Kirby was able to absorb powers from his enemies for the first time.
Aside from that, it was one of the last NES games to be released; thus, it stands out above the majority of platformers on that console.


Kirby’s first game is a blast to play, even if you’re a veteran of the series and can breeze through it in minutes.
It may come as a surprise to fans of Kirby from later games that Kirby doesn’t gain the powers of enemies he eats in this one.


When Kirby’s first Nintendo 64 game was released, some fans were disappointed that it wasn’t a fully 3D adventure like Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong’s, but a 2.5D platformer.
It’s possible to appreciate it today as a solid gaming experience that experimented with different dimensions in ways that would not have been possible in earlier franchise installments.