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Mobile Gaming – How Did It Evolve?

The last few years we have seen the amount of technological innovations that have created and every day surprises us more, even things that we never thought would come to exist and have nothing to do with the traditional and obsolete of the phones that were used in the 80s.


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Mobile phones were originally created in 1917 when Eric Tigerstedt filed a patent for a pocket-sized folding-phone with a very thin carbon microphone. But the first cell phone was launched by Motorola in 1973 and the first mobile network was created by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 1979.

But when comparing the first mobile phones with the current ones, the difference is abysmal, from the size, the quality, the internal and external functions and the scope they have. Everything has evolved in such a great way that it is incredible to see how communication becomes much easier thanks to the development of it.

Emergence Of The Games

One of the many functions that have the current phones is the possibility of downloading various mobile games, which was something that has become a trend in society, including many applications of games being downloaded by millions of people.

Video games came a few years ago and each time they have gained more popularity, but mobile gaming has become a more guaranteed success, especially due to the great dependence on mobile phones in the world today.

The Nokia phones were the first launches that included games, such as the traditional and very popular snake or space impact… These were created in the late 90s.


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Then several basic phones were also emerging including games, but nothing like the nokia. Even more than 300 million people have that phone and play those games that had become so popular.

Mobile gaming has in fact, become so popular that several casinos even allow to play their games on mobile games and Ninja casino is one of the many providers to do such.

Something that obviously will now be seen as obsolete or not very entertaining compared to the new games that have been released such as the famous candy crush, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and many more games of all types like action, mental, fashion, and more.

All this is due to the great advance of technology and the massive dependence that currently exists in society on it, which means that there is more demand for the launch of new things that will end up becoming popular in the market.