3 Reasons to Play PS5 Games in High-Resolution Mode

If you’re a fan of the PS5’s Performance Mode, don’t overlook its Resolution Mode. Let us investigate why this is so.

Any PS5 owner will tell you that the system is capable of much more than most people realize. Since the PS4, many enhancements have been made to the console, resulting in stunning visuals and a fluid gameplay experience on the PlayStation 5.

You can choose between a slick visual appearance and a smooth playing experience in many games, known as Resolution Mode vs. Performance Mode on the PlayStation. However, Performance Mode promises a smoother gameplay experience, several important reasons to choose Resolution Mode instead.

Let’s look at the PS5’s Resolution Mode and see why you should use it for your next PS5 game.

Definition of the PS5’s Resolution Mode

When playing certain games, PS5 owners will appreciate the option to switch between Performance and Resolution modes.

A higher frame rate (120FPS) is preferred when playing PS5 games in Performance Mode, such as 60FPS over 120FPS. A lower frame rate is exchanged for current-generation graphics features like ray tracing and higher resolution on the PS5.

Set your console’s default mode for new game downloads and launches based on your preference, if you prefer one over the other. The following are a few reasons you might want to give the PS5’s Resolution Mode a whirl.

Utilize the 4K Resolution of Your TV

4K resolution is a common feature in many new PlayStation 5 and remastered PlayStation 4 games. To achieve a higher frame rate in Performance Mode, you often have to forgo 4K resolution in Resolution Mode.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the first games for the PlayStation 5 to be released. If you’re curious about the differences between Resolution and Performance modes, this game is an excellent example.

With Spider-Man: Miles Morales in Resolution Mode, you’ll be able to play at a smooth 30 frames per second while enjoying stunning native 4K resolution and ray tracing, which is especially useful in Miles Morales due to the reflective buildings. During gameplay in Performance Mode, the frame rate increases to 60 fps, but the resolution is reduced to 1440p, and the ray tracing is only toggled.

In any event, you may be accustomed to 30FPS.

For a long time, video games on consoles were limited to 30 frames per second. To see 60 frames per second in fun and 120 frames per second in a game was exciting and rare.

A video game running at 30 frames per second isn’t unplayable, even though a 60FPS game might feel smoother. It’s what most console gamers have been doing for a long time now.

For those of us who have grown accustomed to 30FPS and 4K resolutions, the combination of the two is nothing short of incredible:

Get the Most Out of Your PS5’s Graphics Capabilities

People were most eager to try out haptic feedback on the DualSense controllers and ray tracing on the PS5 when it launched in 2020. Although the PS5’s ray tracing feature is impressive, we will focus on the haptic feedback feature because it’s a visual improvement that you can take advantage of almost exclusively in Resolution Mode.

It’s a rendering technique that uses algorithms to figure out where light and shadow should fall in video games to appear as realistic as possible. You can see reflections in puddles and light bouncing naturally off surfaces when walking through a virtual world where it’s raining, especially in wooded areas.

A lower frame rate may be required for ray-tracing in video games because of the complexity of the process. If you’re hoping to use ray tracing in your PS5 game, you’ll likely need to play it in Resolution Mode rather than Performance Mode.