Does Any VR Headset Work With Xbox?

The advent of VR technology has revolutionized gaming. Virtual reality allows you to experience a completely immersive gaming experience with stunning graphics and wide viewing angles.
Not all consoles are compatible with VR headsets. This article will discuss whether any VR headsets are consistent with the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X.

Are there any VR headsets that work with the Xbox One & Series X series?

No. Some VR headsets are not compatible with Xbox. Microsoft, the manufacturer of Xbox, has updated its website to say that VR support is unavailable on the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

This does not mean you can’t joint a VR headset to an Xbox One or Xbox Series X console.
Connecting VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to your Xbox consoles is easy.

You can do it easily if you have the right equipment.

You will get a different immersive experience with VR headsets than with other applications.

Xbox doesn’t support VR headsets, so real-life experiences and immersive elements will not be available. The headsets are only able to function as a second monitor.

Although this is not the VR experience gamers desire, it’s still an option for those interested in using a VR headset.

Microsoft is not ready for the idea of making its own VR headsets. Microsoft seems reluctant to support native support for VR headsets because it is expensive to produce wireless headsets for Series X and Xbox One.

Microsoft once had its VR system, the Kinect. It combined elements of virtual reality and augmented reality. However, the VR system was discontinued because it was too expensive.

What best way for a VR headset to work with Xbox One?

Because Microsoft doesn’t support VR technology, no VR headset will work with Series X or Xbox One. You can, however, work around this limitation to make your VR headset work with Xbox.

You will need the Xbox streaming app, depending on which type of VR headset you use. A Windows 10 PC must also connect to your Xbox console and the VR headset.

An HDMI cable can connect a PS VR headset directly to an Xbox console.

Is Oculus compatible?

Yes. Yes. Oculus can be used with Xbox. Oculus VR headset is compatible with the Xbox. It comes with an Xbox One controller and an Xbox wireless adaptor specifically designed for Windows.

Oculus Rift models come with a 9-foot USB Cable instead of a wireless adaptor.

Oculus VR headsets offer a variety of features that promise a remarkable VR experience.

These headsets have inside-out tracking and up to five cameras on one headset. External tracking sensors are not required for this feature.

Oculus headsets have the highest resolutions, ensuring maximum clarity while playing your favorite Xbox games.

How do you connect Oculus with Xbox?

Oculus VR headsets are extremely easy to set up. You don’t need to be technical to connect your Oculus headset to your Xbox console. If you have any difficulties, these are the steps to secure your Oculus headset to your Xbox console.

  • Get an Xbox controller.
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Install Oculus on your PC
  • Start the Oculus app.
  • Navigate to the menu on the left and choose “Devices.”
  • Click on Rift and Touch and choose Pair Device
  • Select Pair Gamepad
    Follow these instructions to add your Xbox controller.

How can I stream Oculus to Xbox?

It is easy to stream Oculus to Xbox. These are the steps:

  • Get your Xbox console up and running
  • Navigate to Settings and enable streaming games
  • Connect your Xbox console and your computer (Windows 10)
  • The Oculus Store has the Xbox streaming app. Download it and install it on your computer
  • Connect your headset and the console
  • Xbox streaming
  • Your current game will automatically stream to your Oculus headset.

What other are VR headsets compatible with Xbox?

You can also explore other brands if you are looking for options that suit your budget. These are some other VR headsets that you might be interested in.

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HTC Vive Pro

For Xbox gamers who are looking for a more immersive experience, the HTC Vive Pro is a great option.

The headset’s 2.0 base station allows you to create virtual worlds measuring 20 by 20 feet.

The resolution is 2880x 1600 pixels, allowing an actual 3D gaming experience. It also features AMOLED screens that provide better clarity.

Its ergonomic design optimizes comfort for maximum use. The headset’s weight is evenly distributed to balance gravity and accommodate different head shapes.

This headset supports wireless connectivity, which is the most striking aspect. You also have the option of using an HDMI cable if desired. These options make it portable and easy to use.


Premium VR headset compatible with most gaming consoles
For improved portability, support wireless connectivity
Superior resolution to its competitors
Adjustable controls for microphone and headphones
It is incredibly comfortable to wear


High PC requirements

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System, an excellent alternative to Oculus headsets, is the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System. This headset includes dozens of additional features that allow for immersive gaming experiences.

It is also compatible with almost all major operating systems, making connecting to Xbox One or the Xbox Series X easy.

The device features six additional camera sensors that allow for precise inside-out tracking. It also boasts a combined resolution of 2880 x 1750 pixels, which guarantees crystal-clear graphics. This is an 88% improvement over the predecessor.

New LCD panels on the headset reduce the distance between panels and minimize the screen-door effect.

This VR headset also features stereo headphones that fit perfectly for excellent sound quality during VR adventures.

The flip-up design ensures comfort while gaming. You can easily switch between virtual and real life with minimal disruptions.

This headset can fit any size head, no matter what shape it is. They can be worn with glasses.

With lighthouse tracking, six-degree-of-freedom support, robust audio transmission, and precision movements, the HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset is the ultimate choice for an elite gaming experience.


Compatible with Series X and Xbox One
Six camera sensors are included for inside-out tracking
High-tech hardware configuration
Flip-up design reduces disruptions
Minimal scree-door effect


It was expensive.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR is the last option to connect your Xbox console with a decent VR headset.

Although it may sound odd, the headset was designed for PS4 or PS5, but users have found that it works with the Xbox One console.

You can plug the PlayStation VR headset directly into the Xbox One’s HDMI output port.

There is a downside. The headset is not designed for Xbox, so you should not expect full PSVR functionality. The headset will only display an HD video source in cinematic mode.

A large, static screen will be in front of your eyes. It’ll feel like you’re playing non-VR games on the PlayStation. You won’t be able to track your head.

You can still play Xbox games on big screens with OLED 1080p displays up to 5.7 inches.

This headset boasts 3D audio technology that creates immersive sounds. You can chat with your friends online while gaming using the built-in microphone.


5.7″ OLED 1080p display
High frame rates of up to 120 fps
3D audio technology.
Built-in mic.
Comfortable to wear


There is no immersive VR experience.
Xbox does not provide head or precision tracking.

What are VR headsets not compatible with Xbox?

To work with Xbox VR headsets, they must be compatible with Xbox’s streaming app. A headset that doesn’t support this streaming app will not work with Xbox.

Final thoughts

Virtual reality is the future of gaming. Gamers desire a real-life, immersive experience while playing their favorite games.

Unfortunately, not all consoles that support VR technology, such as the Xbox One and Series X, are popular.

You will need to explore other options to connect your VR headset to your gaming console.

It’s possible to do something in this age of technology. You can play your Xbox One and Series X with a VR headset if you want to.

You only need to invest in the best VR headset, streaming software, and compatible equipment.